Flare 224 // Arturia REV LX-24 Presets

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Flare is a collection of 37 reverb presets for the Arturia REV LX-24 plugin. The presets have been designed with a wide variety of source signals in mind. Everything from synth leads and bass, to drum machines and more creative experimental FX. Such as tremolo, gated and side chained. It all adds up to a preset bank that will speed up your creative process and put your dry signals into the perfect space. 


Presets Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

AT AMB - Bass [0.6s]

AT AMB - Electro [0.6s]

AT DRM - Dark Matter [1.3s]

AT DRM - Huge Snare [0.6s]

AT DRM - Percussion Slap [1.6s]

AT DRM - Shimmer [70s]

AT DRM - Underworld [1.4s]

AT SPC - Aldgate East [1.8s]

AT SPC - Skylight [10s]

AT SPC - Solar Pump [2.6s]

AT SY - Cinema [2.6s]

AT SY - In Trance [3.8s]

AT SY - Pluto [3.4s]

AT SY - Self Sidechain [6.5s]

AT SY - Spring [1.1s]


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