Fermium // NI FM8 Presets

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From clean and prestine to dirty and nasty. Fermium contains 107 custom designed Native Instruments FM8 Techno presets.
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Harness the distinctive sound of FM synthesis and advance your production capabilities. Gain access to a unique collection of sounds only achievable through FM synthesis.

We have expertly utilised each of FM8’s operators to handcraft a collection of razor-sharp & deadly weapons. Showcasing a vast range of highly musical timbres.

All 12 of the studio-grade effects have been woven into the library delivering a package of high quality expertly designed sounds.


Experience complex percussive rhythms and evolving melodic sequences. Utilising the advanced features found in FM8’s arpeggiator we have developed patterns that take on a life of their own. Effortlessly transform each sound with the intuitively assigned mod wheel parameters.

To use the presets, you will need to already own:
Native Instruments FM8 v1.0 or higher


Preset Previews

003 AT BASS ARP - Surgeon

009 AT BASS - Deck

016 AT BASS - Punchbox

018 AT BASS - Drill

023 AT BASS - Freedom

044 AT LEAD - Bongo

052 AT LEAD - Pulse

055 AT LEAD - Lost

064 AT LEAD - Percussive

Standard Edition

For producers that only want the Native Instruments 107 FM8 presets

  • 107 NI FM8 Presets
Deluxe Edition

For producers that want the FM8 presets, FX presets, Drum presets & MIDI

  • 107 NI FM8 Presets
  • 17 FM8 FX Presets
  • 17 FM8 Drum Hit Presets
  • 10 Melodic MIDI Files


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