FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack

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Diverse saturation presets that you’ll undoubtedly be using inside every project.


FabFilter Saturn is a high-quality multi-band distortion unit. Used by the biggest mix engineers, spanning across multiple genres, it’s the ultimate choice for saturation, distortion & more!

Saturn can take a lot of time to master and unlock it’s full potential. It can be fun spending hours coming up with new textures. However, the majority of us want quick access to multiple tones and colours at a click of a button.


Engineered and tested by multiple producers, the long awaited Saturn preset expansion is finally here. Inside you will find 107 brand new tailored presets split into 7 categories. From kicks to snares, to synths and bass, we’ve got you covered.

All presets are compatible with the latest FabFilter Saturn v2 plugin.

To use this preset pack you will need to already own:
FabFilter Saturn v1.13 or higher or FabFilter Saturn v2.0 or higher


Presets Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied.

Moog Bass DRY/WET Crusher

Tom Fill DRY/WET TomFills

Simple Saw DRY/WET Fatty Acid

Vintage B3 Organ DRY/WET Organ

Modular Riff DRY/WET Background Textures

Techno Drums DRY/WET HardcoreLoop

Techno Mix DRY/WET

Piano DRY/WET Modern Piano

Tech-House Drum Loop DRY/WET Fatter3


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