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A collection of 107 FX samples to assist with speeding up your production workflow. Drag & drop into your arrangement to quickly add tension builders, noise sweeps, down-shifters & impacts. Take advantage of the 126 BPM tempo-synced FX to create seamless transitions. A wide range of analog synthesizers and outboard effects were used in the creative process. Maintaining the highest quality of audio excellence. Explore the sound of Exile…

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

008 AT Exile FX Impact - Narrow

012 AT Exile FX Impact - Crack 126

013 AT Exile FX Impact - Dirty 126

041 AT Exile FX Misc - Generator

052 AT Exile FX Misc - Vortex 126

056 AT Exile FX Misc - Tronic 126

061 AT Exile FX Misc - Overtone

083 AT Exile FX Noise - Deconstructed 126

087 AT Exile FX Noise - Paradox 126

090 AT Exile FX Noise - Dispersia 126

102 AT Exile FX Reverse - Innervision 126

105 AT Exile FX Reverse - Naive 126


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