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Let the sounds catch your attention... Dyno includes 57 presets for the Roland Cloud Juno 106 software synthesizer. Designed for creators to enjoy. Instantly improve your productions by having access to state-of-the-art soft synth patches.
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Having owned the original Juno 106 hardware synthesizer for a number of years, we have developed numerous sound design techniques that have been adopted when creating this exclusive preset library. The welcome addition of the 3 FX slots in the software allowed us to push the boundaries beyond its hardware counterpart.

Engineered to inspire you. All 57 presets were carefully designed to help kickstart your creative process.

Why choose deluxe? With the deluxe edition you will gain access to 57 matching MIDI files. Having a matching preset and MIDI File can be a welcome learning tool. You can see and hear how the preset was designed to be used. Which octave range, the spacing between notes, velocity amounts, mod-wheel movement and more.

Sounds ahead of their time. Our goal was to push the Juno 106 to its limits, right up to the breaking point. Revealing every nuance that could be teased from this polyphonic powerhouse.

To use the presets you need to already own:
Roland Cloud Juno 106 v1.0.7 or higher


Preset Previews

AT BASS - Broken 125 cm

AT BASS - Muffle 129 gm

AT BASS - Rectify 125 d#m

AT BASS - Sequent 125 gm

AT BASS - Work 125 a#m

AT FX - Upwards 125 D#

AT LEAD - After 125 fm

AT LEAD - Distort 125 d#m

AT LEAD - Signal 125 d#m

AT LEAD - Talking 125 f#m

AT PAD - Avatar 125 cm

AT PAD - Frame 125 cm

AT PAD - Lush 125 am

AT PAD - Softly 125 d#m

AT PAD - Suction 125 d#m

AT PLUCK - Input 125 d#m

AT PLUCK - Regen 125 d#m

AT PLUCK - Snap 125 gm

Standard Edition

For producers that want presets & loops

  • 57 Roland Cloud Juno 106 Presets
  • 57 Key-labelled Melodic Loops
Deluxe Edition

For producers that want everything!

  • 57 Roland Cloud Juno 106 Presets
  • 57 Melodic MIDI Files
  • 57 Key-labelled Melodic Loops


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