Drone // Techno FX

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Timeless FX samples that will apply the final touch of brilliance to your music. Load up for your DAW, fire up your latest track and use Drone FX in your productions. Drag in one of the rich granular soundscapes to add a sense of depth to your music.

Take advantage of the tempo-synced noise sweeps to create seamless transitions. Or utilise the key-labelled noise hits to deliver a new sonic experience.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

018 AT Drone FX - Effect C

032 AT Drone FX - 124bpm gm

040 AT Drone FX - 124bpm a#m

047 AT Drone FX - 124bpm cm

053 AT Drone FX - 124bpm

062 AT Drone FX - 124bpm

067 AT Drone FX - 124bpm A#

078 AT Drone FX - 124bpm C

088 AT Drone FX - 125bpm


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