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We are delighted to deliver one of the most requested releases from Audiotent, Division.
Division - Choose your download: Division // Standard Edition


A collection of highly anticipated presets for u-he‘s virtual analogue DIVA. Diva has that warm, analogue style tone you have grown to love. Turn the ignition, fire up Division’s 107 key labelled presets, wav loops and midi files.

You are rapidly propelled straight past the present, into the future and beyond. It’s at that point you realise you are in the possession of something truly special.


Witness the advanced capabilities of Diva pushed beyond it’s limits with 107 circuit-breaking synth patches. Tap into an un-paralleled source of inspiration using a collection of spell binding melodic wav loops crafted using Division’s presets

Customise every loop using the included MIDI files that match the melodic wavs and patches.

Own a library of mini masterpieces, each sound carefully designed utilising every aspect included in Diva’s classic synth emulated modules.

To use the presets, you will need to already own:
u-he Diva v1.4 or higher


Preset Previews

002 AT Bass - Astro 124bpm cm

004 AT Bass - Brainstorm 122bpm gm

009 AT Bass - Contour 124bpm dm

019 AT Arp - Geometry 124bpm am

021 AT Arp - Guided 124bpm cm

023 AT Pad - Helios 124bpm cm

030 AT Pad - Isolation 124bpm cm

032 AT Pluck - Junction 124bpm fm

036 AT Pluck - Lunar 124bpm dm

050 AT Pluck - Prismatic 124bpm gm

065 AT Pluck - Starlight 123bpm fm

075 AT Lead - Blade 124bpm gm

077 AT Lead - Liquid 124bpm cm

087 AT Lead - Toxic 124bpm fm

088 AT Lead - Retro 124bpm dm

098 AT Lead - Unity 121bpm fm

099 AT Lead - Forever 124bpm gm

102 AT Lead - East 124bpm dm

Standard Edition

For producers that want the Diva presets and WAV loops

  • 107 u-he Diva Presets
  • 107 Melodic WAV Loops
Standard Edition

For producers that want the Diva presets, matching MIDI & WAVs

  • 107 u-he Diva Presets
  • 17 Additional u-he Diva Presets
  • 107 Melodic MIDI Files
  • 107 Melodic WAV Loops


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