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Denis Horvat, the name synonymous with innovation and ingenuity in the electronic music scene, is ready to share his wealth of knowledge and experience with you. In this exclusive masterclass, you'll get unprecedented access to the mind of a true visionary. Denis will divulge the secrets, techniques, and creative approaches that have earned him global recognition.

Unravel the creative process from start to finish as Denis Horvat takes you through the journey of transforming raw inspiration into a production ready to test in the club. Learn how to overcome creative blocks, harness your unique style, and infuse emotion into every note you produce. Discover the intricacies of arranging tracks and understand the delicate balance between musicality and technical precision.

By enrolling in Denis Horvat's Music Production Masterclass, you gain access to a treasure trove of knowledge that you can revisit time and time again in the comfort of your own studio. Enjoy lifetime access to the videos and ensure your skills remain at the forefront of innovation. The lessons are shown within Logic Pro X. However many of the processes can be applied to any DAW.



Discover how Denis creates a track from scratch.



Study inside the comfort of your own studio.

3+ Hours

Watch time

Stream the videos anytime online. No download.

Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction - Starting a new track. [5 min]
  2. Kick & Bass - Adding a kick drum and secondary bass layer. Bass side-chain and adding punch to the kick. [8 min]
  3. Minimoog Sub Bass Percussion - Recording and processing Minimoog sub bass percussion. [6 min]
  4. OB6 Synth Stabs - Recording and processing Oberheim OB6 chord stabs. [6 min]
  5. Drone Pad - Creating a background drone pad. [5 min]
  6. Hi-Hats & Shakers - Recording and processing hi-hats. Adding additional groove with shakers. [10 min]
  7. Textures - Creating glitches and texure. [4 min]
  8. Snare Drum - Snare drum sound design and processing. [3 min]
  9. Arrangement - Starting the arrangement. [9 min]
  10. Main Melody - Creating the melodic hook. [9 min]
  11. Adding Groove - Adding another kick for extra groove. [6 min]
  12. Main Lead - Reworking the main lead synth and adding drums. [14 min]
  13. Breakdown & Final Arrangement - Synth FX processing & breakdown arrangement. Adding tension in the breakdown with a riser. [41 min]
  14. Mastering - My go-to mastering chain. [7 min]
  15. Track Walkthrough - Toto Chiavetta - Random Tools Generator (Denis Horvat Remix) [31 min]
  16. Questions - Production questions answered. [4 min]
  17. Studio Tour - An insight into the equipment I use. [17 min]

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