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The Berlin-based duo, Sammy and Pascal (aka CYRK) need no introduction in the underground electro scene. Their hardware-only live project took off with a flying start. Inspired by Detroit techno and electro, as well as a blend of industrial and acid variations, their sound has earned them recognition of many DJs.

Truly obsessed with hardware and music technology, they were excited to spend a month locked up in the studio, working on their signature artist series library. CYRK now give you access to the vast collection of sounds from their hardware-heavy studio setup.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

13 AT CYRK - Bass Loop - 130bpm D

16 AT CYRK - Bass Loop - 130bpm Bb

04 AT CYRK - Synth Loop - 130bpm Gm

23 AT CYRK - Synth Loop - 127bpm Cm

09 AT CYRK - Texture Loop - 130bpm

17 AT CYRK - Pad Loop - 130bpm Bm

06 AT CYRK - FX - 130bpm

12 AT CYRK - FX - 130bpm

05 AT CYRK - Percussion Loop - 130bpm

19 AT CYRK - Percussion Loop - 127bpm

19a AT CYRK - Drum Loop - 127bpm FULL

19b AT CYRK - Drum Loop - 127bpm no kick

19c AT CYRK - Drum Loop - 127bpm only hats

19d AT CYRK - Drum Loop - 127bpm perc only

03 AT CYRK - Top Loop - 130bpm.mp3

20 AT CYRK - Top Loop - 127bpm

17 AT CYRK - Kick F

14 AT CYRK - Snare


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