Cycle // Drum Top Loops

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Your studio time is priceless. You could spend hours creating the perfect top loop, or you could save valuable studio time by using Cycle. Cycle was designed to drastically speed up your production workflow. The included 107 drum top loops deliver instant results. Guaranteed to add energy and drive to your drum groove.

Each 126 BPM loop is loaded with expertly programmed drum hits that will bring your music to life. Providing you with extra time to be creative and finish more music. Expand your sample library and take steps forward in your productions.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the sample library.

031 AT Cycle Top Loop - Resulting 126

037 AT Cycle Top Loop - Reduciton 126

039 AT Cycle Top Loop - Lasting 126

040 AT Cycle Top Loop - Rapid 126

041 AT Cycle Top Loop - Drag 126

045 AT Cycle Top Loop - Shift 126

067 AT Cycle Top Loop - Cascade 126

094 AT Cycle Top Loop - Distant 126

098 AT Cycle Top Loop - Barbed 126


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