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Introducing Axis, seven powerful and practical racks for Ableton Live. Designed to make you work faster and be more creative.


These custom design racks will save you hours of tweaking and enable you to dial in the sound you require.

Get tight and focused kicks, strong bass, lush leads and supreme effects. Mangle your percussion loops. Glue the drums together and add the final touch of mastering to your track.


AT Axis - Kick

Without a doubt, the kick is an essential element to get right within your track. It’s the foundation that holds the rest of the music in place. Using the kick rack, you will ‘​blow your kick up​’ within seconds. For the techno lovers, adding rumble has never been easier. One twist of the knob and you are shaking those subwoofers.

AT Axis - Drums

Intuitively designed, the drum rack is an indispensable tool for your drum bus. You will be able to dial in the right timbre and glue the drums together so they feel like a cohesive track. Chaos dial enables you to get a drastic transitional effect that will sound insane on a big system.

AT Axis - Bass

Spending a lot of time trying to fit the bass? Maybe it just needs a little drive & crunch. Possibly, some strong character and three-dimensional space. All of this can be quickly achieved with the bass rack.

AT Axis - Leads

Never again let your leads sit in the shadow of your mix. Make them thick and alive! Add depth and movement. Feeling adventurous? Twist-up the ring mod dial and you are stepping through the gate of techno.

AT Axis - Percussion

Tired of static percussion loops? Transformation is the key here. Percussion rack will enable you to twist and mangle your sounds as well as tightening them up. The thoughtfully tuned chorus will add sonic interest and future like transition effects.

AT Axis - FX

Grabbing an existing effect sample is great. However, those who seek a more creative approach, using the FX rack will be very rewarding. The rack is tuned for a variety of sounds. Add one-shots and get instant impacts, or automate parameters for rising effects.

AT Axis - Master

Simple, yet effective, this mastering rack allows you to add the final touch to your track. Perfectly tuned sweet-spots in the lows and highs, so you can dial in the right feel to your music with ease. Increase the width and make sure the low-end is mono-compatible. A touch of compression, loudness and the track will be ready for testing in the clubs.


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