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Expand the capabilities of your hardware. 107 Presets, MIDI and wav loops for the iconic Prophet 6 synthesiser.
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Introducing Axiom, a sensational collection of presets for the Sequential Prophet 6 analog synthesizer.
Discover a powerful new library, bringing unparalleled creativity to your fingertips. Axiom expands the capabilities of your Prophet 6. Giving you instant access to cutting edge sounds. Delivering unrivalled attention to detail in each of the 107 presets. It’s the Prophet 6 like you’ve never heard before.

Having “the right sound” is crucial — and having the right sound, along with the inspiration is just as important. Our goal was to push the Prophet 6 to its limits, right up to the breaking point. It’s at this moment you start to reveal every nuance that can be sculpted from this polyphonic powerhouse.

Why choose deluxe? Choose Axiom Deluxe and access the full music production toolkit. 107 MIDI files that correspond to each of the 107 Prophet 6 presets, along with 107 melodic WAV loops for quick and easy navigation. Each preset has an accompanying MIDI loop. Enabling you to visualise the articulation of each sound. Multiple synth parameters have been automated and recorded inside the MIDI files. These will help you to discover the full depth and potential of each preset.

To use the presets you will require a Sequential Prophet 6 Synthesizer.


Preset Previews

014 AT Axiom Bass - Physics 126 a#m

016 AT Axiom Bass - Unfold 126 gm

019 AT Axiom Bass - Octave 126 fm

023 AT Axiom Bass - Modulate 126 d#m

031 AT Axiom Lead - Galactic 126 gm

035 AT Axiom Lead - Telescope 126 cm

040 AT Axiom Lead - Pushback 126 gm

041 AT Axiom Lead - Star 126 cm

055 AT Axiom Lead - Behold 126 d#m

061 AT Axiom Key - Solar 126 d#m

068 AT Axiom Key - Source 126 gm

073 AT Axiom Key - Pluto 126 d#m

078 AT Axiom Key - Conductor 126 d#m

080 AT Axiom Key - Manta 126 gm

081 AT Axiom Pad - Dense 126 d#m

084 AT Axiom Pad - Designate 126 gm

086 AT Axiom Pad - Astro 126 cm

089 AT Axiom Pad - Morse 126 fm

096 AT Axiom Pad - Didgeridoo 126 am

101 AT Axiom Chord - Dubplate 126 gm

107 AT Axiom Chord - Dirt 126 fm

Standard Edition

For producers that only want the WAV loops. No presets included.

  • 107 Key-labelled Melodic Loops
Preset Edition

For producers that only want the Prophet 6 presets.

  • 107 Prophet 6 Presets
Deluxe Edition

For producers that want the full polyphonic toolkit.

  • 107 Prophet 6 Presets
  • 107 Melodic MIDI Files
  • 107 Melodic WAV Loops


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