Agenda // Full-Size Library

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A full-size library of organic and afro-house inspired collection of sounds. Delving into the fusion of hardware machines and acoustic percussion.

Detailed Percussion

Live acoustic percussion recorded at high resolution, capturing performances in fine detail. Introduce depth and add rhythmic variation to your drum-beats. Program your own drum patterns using an inspirational collection of 185 original drum hits.

Analog & Organic

Classic analog synthesizers meet with organically recorded instruments to create an exceptional library of sounds for your music. Acoustic textures have been filtered and processed, they are the perfect ingredient for adding authentic flavour in your tracks.

Live Instrumentation

Dynamics and expression are the key components to the music. Live recordings capture a unique energy moment within the studio. These music loops will create realism and spontaneity.

Sample Previews

Listen to a selection of the sounds included inside the full library.

AT Agenda Drum - Bahar 120 Full

AT Agenda Drum - Justice 120 Full

AT Agenda Drum - Under 120 Full

AT Agenda Drum - Vanity 122 Full

AT Agenda Music - Phret 120 d#m

AT Agenda Music - Spark 120 cm

AT Agenda Pad - Lost 120 fm

AT Agenda Pad - Windist 120 am

AT Agenda Percussion - Cajones 120

AT Agenda Percussion - Fear 122

AT Agenda Percussion - March 120

AT Agenda Percussion - Tamal 120

AT Agenda Synth - Burn 122 cm

AT Agenda Synth - Cascade 122 fm

AT Agenda Texture - Dusty 120 em

AT Agenda Texture - Quake 122 am

AT Agenda Texture - Thunder 122

AT Agenda Top - Bevel 120

AT Agenda Top - Noise 122

AT Agenda Top - Pazar 120

AT Agenda Bass - Deserted 122 d#m


Audio WAV Loops


Single Hit Drum Samples


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