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Dive deep into the world of melodic techno production with industry-renowned producer 8Kays. Iryna is ready to share her wealth of knowledge and technical expertise with you. In this exclusive masterclass, you'll get unprecedented access to the workflow, techniques, and creative approaches that have earned her global recognition.

8Kays guides you through all of the elements behind her release-ready tracks. Learn the techniques used to create tracks that have been signed to labels such as Afterlife, Bedrock, Watergate and many more.

8Kays also reveals every element inside two of her previously released tracks. Morning After The Rave (Afterlife) and a remix for Woo York called Samum. Enjoy lifetime access to the videos and ensure your skills remain at the forefront of innovation.



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165 mins

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Discover 8Kays full production workflow.

Lesson Plan

  1. Introduction - Welcome to my studio feed masterclass. [1 min]
  2. Starting a New Track - Preparing the project. Kick drum creation with Kick 2 and processing. [6 min]
  3. Drum Creation - Rimshot percussion, hi-hats, claps, rides and drum group processing. [12 min]
  4. Bassline - Bassline core sound and processing techniques. Creating variations in the bassline MIDI pattern. [14 min]
  5. Kick & Bass - Kick and bass group processing. [3 min]
  6. Synths - Accent synths and pad processing. Textures created with granular synthesis. [15 min]
  7. Track Walkthrough - Morning After The Rave (Afterlife) [48 min]
  8. Track Walkthrough - Woo York - Samum (8Kays Remix) [64 min]
  9. Conclusion - Final words and thoughts. [2 min]

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