3 Creative Tricks with FabFilter Pro-Q 3

FabFilter Pro-Q 3 can be very precise and surgical. It’s an essential tool that most of us use on a daily basis. Having said that, we wanted to showcase the creative side of Pro-Q when settings are dialled in a little more extreme. 

1. Tube Resonator cm

The idea behind this preset is to totally transform the sound by enhancing the resonances that make up a minor chord. It works best with noisy sound sources, something as simple as white noise coming from a synth. Once the EQ is engaged you will instantly notice a defined chord printed on your source sound. All of the nodes can be highlighted at once giving us the ability to transpose the chord to the right key of your track.



2. Tiny Speaker

When a sound takes up too much space within your mix you can narrow its frequency range and make it smaller. The “Tiny Speaker” is a creative EQ preset that somewhat emulates the frequency range of a small speaker. The resonances are relating to the cabinet in which the speaker is mounted in. This effect works great on percussion and lead sounds.



3. Extreme Dynamics

Dynamic equalisation is a welcome introduction to Pro-Q 3. This preset named “Extreme Dynamics” does exactly what it says. 5 bands that are drastically boosted and yet pushing the frequencies down. This results in a pumping effect that brings subtle details of the sound to the forefront.



Gain scale

One of the key features of Pro-Q 3 that’s sets it apart from other EQ’s is the gain scale function. Using this control you can dial in the amount of processing up or down to suit your needs.

The 3 presets that we outlined above are just a tiny portion of our huge 107 FabFilter Pro-Q preset library. We have created the EQUATOR library to help music producers speed up their workflow and gain access to tried & tested EQ curves.

The folder categories that are included within EQUATOR are:

  • Creative FX
  • Drums
  • Dynamic
  • Essential
  • Hardware
  • Left Right
  • Mastering
  • Mid Side
  • Synths

Access all 107 presets here: https://www.audiotent.com/presets/equator/