EQUATOR // FabFilter Pro-Q 3 Presets

Equator contains 107 presets for the FabFilter Pro-Q 3 equalizer plugin. They have been designed to reduce the guess work when you come to EQ your sounds.

Whether you’re looking to blow up your drum bus with dynamic EQ, control the low end of your mix with mid-side, make the transients pop on your percussion, through to creative fixed filter bank FX. Equator has it all covered.

9 intuitively laid out folders that will cover a broad range of applications: Creative FX, Drums, Dynamic, Essential, Left Right, Mastering, Mid Side and Synths. We also included a special hardware folder where the exact curves were matched on a number of highly sought after analog EQ’s.

Put Equator into your workflow and get faster results.


Before & After Previews

Hear the transformation for yourself.

  • Fixed Filter Bank

  • Horn Loudspeaker

  • Beefy Kick

  • Clap Enhancer

  • Drum Bus LoFi

  • Hi-hat Add Transients

  • Drum Loop Phattener

  • Keys Spotlight

  • 1081 Synth Upgrade

  • 32C Piano

  • Massive Passive - Clean Up

  • Stereo DNA

  • Mastering Extreme Facelift

  • Master Polish

  • Perc Loop Mid Focus

  • Synth Clean Up

  • Analog Warmth

  • Synth Mutate

What type of presets do you get inside the pack?

  • 10 x Creative
  • 17 x Drums
  • 17 x Dynamic
  • 10 x Essential
  • 17 x Hardware
  • 6 x Left Right
  • 10 x Mastering
  • 10 x Mid Side
  • 10 x Synths
  • Total of 107 EQ presets

Please note: To use the presets you need to already own the FabFilter Pro-Q 3 EQ v2.1.0. Plugin not included.

The presets are not compatible with Pro-Q versions 1 & 2.

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