Audiotent Scope

SCOPE // u-he Diva Presets

Expand your Diva preset library...

Scope delivers 107 newly created preset for u-he Diva.

Every feature of the plugin has been utilised. Unlocking the full potential of this powerful software synth.

Improve your sound design skills and allow your music to stand out.

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Scope // u-he Diva Presets Demo


New Presets. More Inspiration.

  • Speed up your workflow

    Spend more time creating and less time searching for the right sound. Scope delivers all the sounds you will need to craft a new melodic masterpiece

  • Attention to detail

    Each of the 107 presets has been carefully designed. Lose yourself in the undeniable character of every sound.

  • Discover new sound design techniques

    Have you ever wondered how certain sounds were created? Learn how to design exceptional patches. Discover new routing and advanced modulation techniques.

Audiotent Scope


A new track idea is waiting inside every single preset.

Covering everything from dirty bass to highly modulated leads.

Access unique sounds. Extensive use of modulation delivers a vintage character.


To use the presets you will need:

  • u-he Diva VST/AU v1.4.3 or higher

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied. Preset preview MIDI files included in the download.

  • Scope AT Bass - Aged

  • Scope AT Bass - Farewell

  • Scope AT Lead - Shiver

  • Scope AT Lead - Brilliance

  • Scope AT Lead - Beginning

  • Scope AT Lead - Panther

  • Scope AT Pluck - Resident

  • Scope AT Pluck - Computing

  • Scope AT Pluck - Electric

  • Scope AT Pad - Canal

  • Scope AT Arp - Temple

  • Scope AT Arp - Queen

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SCOPE // u-he Diva Presets

  • 107 Diva Presets

  • 12 Melodic MIDI Files

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Would you like to try some of the sounds out for yourself?

We have put together a FREE selection of the presets so you can test them out in your own studio.

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