Audiotent Nora

NORA // Nord Lead A1 Presets

Sound design that sets the pulse racing.

Introducing Nora, a sensational collection of presets for the Nord Lead A1.

Discover a powerful new library, bringing unparalleled creativity to your fingertips.

Nora expands the capabilities of your A1. Delivering unrivalled attention to detail in each of the 107 presets.

Immerse yourself in Nora’s 107 key labelled melodic wav loops, each one created using the included MIDIs and presets.

Having “the right sound” is crucial — and having the right sound, along with the inspiration is just as important.

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Nora // 126 bpm Demo

Nora // 124 bpm Demo


Layered Programs

As many as 4 slots were used to create one powerful sound. Adding immense detail and depth to the patches.

Advanced Waveforms

Extensive use of the oscillator configuration modulation. Breathing new life and movement into your music.

Morph Modulation Wheel

Multiple parameters are assigned to the mod wheel. Turn the dial to add expression. Instantly changing the sound.

Filter Character

All six filter types have been used to carefully dial in the right amount of harmonic content.

Beautiful Arpeggiations

Artistically inspiring arpeggiator presets. Each patch has been intuitively designed for maximum playability.

Sound Previews

(Exact preset examples. No external processing applied)

  • ARP – Mars a#m 124bpm

  • ARP – Neptune cm 126bpm

  • BASS – Drive dm 126bpm

  • BASS – Gallon em 124bpm

  • BASS – Royal C 126bpm

  • BASS – Tight d#m 124bpm

  • BASS – Tonic cm 124bpm

  • BASS – Zero cm 126bpm

  • LEAD – Ashes cm 126bpm

  • LEAD – Chess cm 124bpm

  • LEAD – Gizmo d#m 126bpm

  • LEAD – Guy d#m 124bpm

  • LEAD – Logic gm 124bpm

  • PAD – Alien fm 126bpm

  • PAD – Ether d#m 124bpm

  • PAD – Sky g#m 126bpm

  • STAB – Rave C 126bpm

  • STAB – Steel d#m 126bpm

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For producers that don’t own a Nord Lead.

  • 107 Melodic WAV Loops

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For producers that only want the Nord Lead A1 presets.

  • 107 Nord Lead A1 Presets

ADD TO CART – £57.00


For producers that want the full polyphonic toolkit.

  • 107 Nord Lead A1 Presets

  • 107 Melodic MIDI Files

  • 107 Melodic WAV Loops

ADD TO CART – £67.00

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