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GAMMA NOTE // Melodic MIDI Files

Are you ready to travel to a place where the celestial meets the divine?

Journey inside Gamma Note and you will find 107 majestic midi files, keyed and waiting for you.

Using Gamma Note, you will experience unchained melodies, haunting harmonies and endless progressions. Our musical phrases are rich and organic.

Download Gamma Note today and to unlock new knowledge and gain a deeper insight into how complete musical ideas are crafted.

Gamma Note // Melodic MIDI Files Demo

See what’s inside the download…

Watch the video and discover how quickly ideas can be generated.

Transpose, edit or rearrange the MIDI files to add your own personal touch.

Gain a deeper understanding of the musical notation behind each melodic idea.

MIDI Previews

  • 16 AT Gamma Note MIDI – fm

  • 18 AT Gamma Note MIDI – g#m

  • 19 AT Gamma Note MIDI – gm

  • 43 AT Gamma Note MIDI – cm

  • 52 AT Gamma Note MIDI – d#m

  • 68 AT Gamma Note MIDI – d#m

  • 88 AT Gamma Note MIDI – gm

  • 89 AT Gamma Note MIDI – cm

  • 93 AT Gamma Note MIDI – cm

  • 95 AT Gamma Note MIDI – bm

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