Audiotent Atlas Note

ATLAS NOTE // Melodic MIDI Files

Learn the intricate details behind each melodic idea.

A wide variety of melodies, chords and basslines.

Atlas Note features 107 deeply detailed key-labelled melodic MIDI files. Ready for you to deconstruct, edit and learn from.

Explore the unique sound of Atlas Note today.

 Atlas Note // Melodic MIDI Files

MIDI Previews

  • 86 AT Atlas Note MIDI – gm

  • 79 AT Atlas Note MIDI – fm

  • 36 AT Atlas Note MIDI – ebm

  • 33 AT Atlas Note MIDI – dm

  • 31 AT Atlas Note MIDI – fm

  • 22 AT Atlas Note MIDI – dm

Discover New Melodic Ideas

  • Atlas Note Midi
  • Atlas Note Midi
  • Atlas Note Midi
  • Atlas Note Midi

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