Using swing to add groove to your music

Using swing to add groove to your music
#AudiotentTip 234. Swing & Groove.

A simple but sometimes overlooked function is the ability to add swing to your samples and MIDI. Swing can be a very powerful production trick, helping you transform straight drum sequences into rhythmic masterpieces.
Most DAW's will have their own in built swing quantisation settings displayed either as a percentage or as note divisions e.g.
16A = 50%, 16B = 54%, 16C = 58%,
16D = 62%, 16E = 66%, 16F = 71%
To hear the effect swing has, load up a closed hat in your sampler and program straight 16th notes. Start at 16B and work your way through the varying degrees of swing. The higher the percentage the more swung the even numbered hits will be.
It's not just for hi-hats and percussion, try this on your basslines and leads for extra groove.

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