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Controlling Sharp Transients

Controlling Sharp Transients

Audiotent Tip 394. Controlling Sharp Transients.There are a few effective tools you can use to control the sharp transients of your drum/percussion/instrument/FX etc.A few of these are limiting, ta...

busLimiting Bus Group

Limiting Bus Group

Audiotent Tip 378. Limiting Bus Group.A limiter is a tool mostly used at the mastering stage. It brings up the apparent level of the track by limiting the loudest peaks and reducing the dynamic ran...

limitingUnbiased Limiting

Unbiased Limiting

Audiotent Tip 335. Unbiased Limiting.Louder always seems to be perceived as better. When using limiters or any other form of processing to maximise loudness, make sure to match the output level.Thi...

limitingLoud mastering tips - serial limiting

Loud mastering tips - serial limiting

#AudiotentTip 263. Serial Limiting.A great way to achieve a louder master is to limit in series. Running two limiters (one after another) helps to spread the load and can lead to more transparent m...

analog vs digitalAnalog vs Digital Limiting

Analog vs Digital Limiting

#AudiotentTip 248. Analog vs Digital Limiting.Analog limiters can be classed as being slightly disadvantageous vs digital, this is due to the time delay in the circuit. Digital limiters use a func...