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Compressor Sidechain Filter

Compressor Sidechain Filter

#AudiotentTip 422. Compressor Sidechain Filter.When compressing the mix buss, try engaging the sidechain high-pass filter. This will prevent the lowest frequencies from triggering the compressor.

compressionMix Bus Compression

Mix Bus Compression

Audiotent Tip 389. Mix Bus Compression.Some producers like to insert a mix bus compressor early on in the project and work into it. Others prefer to leave their master channel empty.There are pros ...

compressorHow the compressor knee actually works

How the compressor knee actually works

#AudiotentTip 250. Compressor Knee.A compressor control that's often overlooked is called the knee. This affects how aggressive the compression will kick in. With a soft knee setting, compression ...

colourQuick compressor comparison

Quick compressor comparison

#AudiotentTip 197. Quick Compressor Comparison.There are many types of compressors, each with their own colour and tone. A great way to quickly A/B these is to use hot keys in your DAW. Simply setu...

compressorUnderstanding compressor ratios

Understanding compressor ratios

#AudiotentTip 193. Compressor Ratios.When adding compressors on your channel, group and master bus be careful. Ratios are multiplicative and not additive. This means, if you compress your drum chan...

compressorAdding punch to your kick with an expander

Adding punch to your kick with an expander

#AudiotentTip 185. Kick Expander.If your kick sounds too boomy and lacks punch, try using a dynamic expander. It will enhance the transient/punch of your kick and allow it to cut through in a crowd...

compressionMastering Compressor Sidechain Filter

Mastering Compressor Sidechain Filter

‪#‎AudiotentTip‬ 102. Compressor Sidechain Filter.When applying compression on bass heavy material or across a final mix, try enabling the sidechain high pass filter. This will stop the compressor ...