Mix Bus Compression

Mix Bus Compression

Audiotent Tip 389. Mix Bus Compression.

Some producers like to insert a mix bus compressor early on in the project and work into it. Others prefer to leave their master channel empty.
There are pros and cons for both methods. Here are a few reasons of why you should leave the compression out until you finalised your track:
* Changing individual tracks (levelling, equalising, panning etc…) will affect the way your mix bus compressor reacts. This can make you lose perspective of contrast and balance within your project.
* Having an empty mix bus channel right from the start will make you put extra effort to get things sounding great.
* Unless you keep addressing the amount of gain reduction on your mix-bus compression, it may soon start to over-compress. When working for long hours, our ears can quickly get accustomed to the compression and we end up compressing more than necessary.
Let us know how you like to work. Mix bus compression on or off?

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