Production Tips

Frequency Shifter Transition Effect

Frequency Shifter Transition Effect

Audiotent Tip #432 // Frequency Shifter Transition Effect Transition FX are the final gloss in your mix and arrangement. They tell the listener a change is about to happen and provide an extra laye...

arrangementDAW Markers

DAW Markers

AudiotentTip 311. DAW Markers.Arrangements can get very complex sometimes. To help your workflow and to navigate your project easily, try using markers.Most modern DAW's give you the opportunity to...

arrangementStuck in a loop? Here's how to get out of the loop

Stuck in a loop? Here's how to get out of the loop

#AudiotentTip 194. Get out of the loop.You've built the perfect 8 or 16 bar loop, now what? If you find it difficult to arrange and to keep the listener interested, try this. Every 8 bars make sure...



#AudiotentTip 189. Arrangement.Learning how to create professional arrangements is not something you learn overnight. It takes a lot of practice and experience. A great way to start is studying tra...

arrangementCreating contrast in your music

Creating contrast in your music

#AudiotentTip 121. Gaps.Adding a gap of silence in your track is as important as filling it with other elements. For example, instead of using a fill before the drop leave an empty gap. This allows...

arrangementArrangement Tip

Arrangement Tip

#Audiotent Tip 42. Arrangement Tip.If you ever get stuck arranging, try importing another track you like and analyse to get inspiration.