Sequencing with Xfer Serum

Sequencing with Xfer Serum

Audiotent Tip 391. Sequencing with Xfer Serum.

Here is a great way to achieve interesting rhythms using the Serum's LFO modulation.
Start by recording a long MIDI note, lasting 1, 2 or 4 bars.
Next, assign LFO to target the volume of an active oscillator (s) or noise generator.
Make sure the BPM button is activated in the LFO menu. Finally, add new points in the LFO envelope to create a rhythmic pattern.
Don't forget to experiment with timing divisions too.
When drawing LFO points, hold alt on your keyboard and the points will snap to the grid.
See how to apply this sound design technique and more with our latest presets for Xfer Serum. Click here to learn more.

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