Getting Rid Of The Mud

Getting Rid Of The Mud

Audiotent Tip 341. Getting Rid Of The Mud.

Here are three techniques to decrease the muddy, cloudy or boxy frequencies in your sound.
1) Eq cut. Most often, what seems to be a big problem can be solved with a simple tool - equaliser. Try cutting a few decibels targeting the muddy frequencies, usually around 200-800 Hz area.
2) Multiband compression. If the midrange of your sound is very dynamic, try compression to level it out. This will make the loud muddy resonances duck in volume, keeping them under control. Remember, you don't have to activate all the bands available on your multiband compressor. Working with one specific band is sometimes all that you need.
3) Harmonic exciter. Adding extra harmonics to your sound seems counterintuitive. However, it can often help to make the sound appear cleaner. The trick here is to apply the saturation/enhancer to the upper-frequency spectrum. It will reshape the balance, making the muddy frequencies appear lower in volume.

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