haas effect

Frequency Specific Haas Effect

Frequency Specific Haas Effect

Audiotent Tip 320. Frequency Specific Haas Effect.

A very well known technique for creating an illusion of wide stereo space is called the Haas Effect. We can achieve this psychoacoustic effect by delaying one copy of identical sound by up to 30-40ms. This works especially well for short percussive sounds.
However, here is another little trick that allows you to create this effect on a specific frequency.
First, send your sound (synth lead, keys, guitars etc...) to an AUX (send) channel. Next, insert an equaliser (on the AUX) and band pass the frequency you want to be affected.
Finally, insert a time delay plugin after the equaliser to create a Haas Effect. Blend this with the original. You should now be hearing the widening of the specific frequency.
This works great when you want to widen big leads, or upper bass, without affecting the low end.
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