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EQ Before or After Reverb?

EQ Before or After Reverb?

Audiotent Tip 344. EQ Before or After Reverb?

Shaping and controlling the frequencies of your reverb is a vital mixing decision.
For example, when applying reverb to your bass you will want to make sure the lower frequencies aren’t included in your reverb stem, as this these can quickly muddy up a mix.
So the question is, when do I apply the EQ? Before or after the reverb?
Well, there is no right or wrong with this decision, and it can change depending on what source you’re feeding it. Sometimes it works best to place the EQ before the reverb to ensure unwanted frequencies don't enter the reverb.
On the other hand, sometimes it can work best to place the EQ after the reverb so that you include some of the frequencies generated by the reverb.
The correct placement of the equaliser is source dependent so always A/B and use your ears.

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