How to bring sounds more upfront using compression

How to bring sounds more upfront using compression
#AudiotentTip 215. Upfront sound.
The 1176 compressor is know for its fast compression, ability to bring the sound upfront and forward it's midrange. This distinct character is mainly down to the transformers inside the unit that introduce additional harmonics to your signal.
Try these settings to bring your vocal or bassline to the forefront of your mix. Add your favourite 1176 emulation plugin and set to a fastest release and slowest to medium attack. Select a 4:1 or 8:1 ratio and then drive the input to get the desired compression.
One of our favourite emulation plugins for this task is the latest FG-116 series from Slate Digital LLC. Try out Circuit 1 as this has the classic ‘mid forward’ character that has made the blue striped FET compressors so famous. It adds a wonderful coloration to the upper mids especially, and adds a warm presence to vocals, bass, drums, and guitars.

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