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3 Tips To Transform Your Percussion

3 Tips To Transform Your Percussion
Audiotent Tip 410. 3 Tips To Transform Your Percussion.
Percussion is one of those instruments that can transform the groove and feel of your track. Make sure you get the most out of it by trying some of the techniques below:
1. Slap Delay.
Subtle, quick and low in volume, slap delays can add an intricate 'ghost note' movement to your percussion part. Experiment with 'sync free' delay times to achieve an organic, more natural result.
Box delay
2. Band Pass Filter.
Modulated filters are one of the best tools to add frequency movement to the static sounds. For percussive instruments, set the filter mode to band pass and modulate it's cutoff frequency using the LFO. Additional processing such as reverb or delay could further enhance the subtle details of the filtered sound.

3. Sample Rate Reduction.
A lot of times the percussion can already sound great and there is very little to be done to make it sit in the mix. One of those techniques is to apply a sample rate reduction. This will add additional harmonics to the sound and accent percussive transients even more. The effect could be blended in parallel for more control and less obvious digital distortion as a result.
These are just a few percussion processing ideas. Let us know how you process yours...


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