Lunar Plane // Producer Q&A

Lunar Plane // Producer Q&A

You are based in Seattle and Istanbul is that correct? Do you find the production process difficult living so far apart?

Not at all :) We barely produce together sitting side by side when we are in the same place. One of us is usually with headphones working on another track. We’ve found out that it’s hard to reach that maximum level of focus when we are with someone else in the studio, even if that someone is a twin brother haha. Being alone and immersed in music significantly adds to our output. Our system is to give each other feedback and eventually swap the tracks, then repeat if necessary.

We are really impressed with your productions. Especially the percussion elements. Do you record those live or do you use already recorded samples?

Thank you! For percussions, we do both. We use one-shot samples or our own one-shot recordings to program drum sequences. We also invite drummers to the studio and record plenty of sequences with them. We don’t really play the drums, but we program and arrange them, and we never use existing sequences to be original.

Could you share with us one of your current production tips/techniques?

Both visually and audibly imagining sounds and then trying to recreate them has helped us come up with original sounds. Although this is slower and more tedious than browsing through presets, it’s worth it :)

What piece of studio hardware or software plugin could you not live without, and why?

We can’t live without u-he soft synths. They are all just so well-made, open-ended and convenient. With those plugins we were able to create sounds that people usually think are recorded samples of not only hard synths, but also real instruments.

Any studio gear that you are looking to purchase next?

We aren’t currently looking to purchase anything. We have a Sub 37 and a Nord Lead 4 in our studio, and along with the soft synths those are enough for now. A Prophet could be nice though!

You have multiple releases on Stil Vor Talent. How did the first release on the label come about?

We started to work on two tracks with Rafael Cerato at our old studio in Berlin when he was there for a show, and afterwards we ended up finishing the tracks in like 2 days. Then he sent them to Stil vor Talent, they liked the tracks and Darkclaw made it to Beatport’s Top 10.  

Do you have any tips for producers looking to send their music to record labels?

Always try to produce and send music that you think is unique and better than your favourite producers’ music. This is of course subjective, but it adds another filter to the process and pushes you into making music that you like more than your favourite tracks. This way ensures that you are making the music you love too.

What’s next for Lunar Plane? 

A couple of big remixes and then some original tracks will follow towards the summer. We can’t wait to share them with our listeners. Also we've just released an Afro House remix on Akbal Music. Make sure to check that out.

Thank you Emre & Mert for taking time to speak with us. We wish you all the best with your upcoming shows and productions. Speak soon, Neil & Ed (Audiotent).

Click Here to listen and download: Oliver Koletzki - Fire In The Jungle (Lunar Plane Remix) 

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