Cristoph // Producer Q&A

Cristoph // Producer Q&A
Hi Cristoph, thank you for taking time out to speak to us today. How is your day going so far?

Hi mate, not a problem. It’s going good yeah, just in the studio now tidying up some tracks before flying to America this weekend for the Cirez D X Adam Beyer shows in LA and NYC where I will be opening for all 4 gigs. Got my foot tattooed earlier for some stupid reason.

A tattoo on the foot sounds painful! It was a stinger with this cold weather haha. Your latest track “Breathe” has been gathering huge support during the summer. Especially after you dropped a sneak preview of it during your set at Hi Ibiza in August. How did the collaboration with CamelPhat and Jem Cooke come about?

Yeah its taken all of us by a bit of a surprise to be honest but we definitely aren’t complaining. Basically I made a version back in March and tested it out a couple of times and I knew I needed to change it so sat on it for a bit. In the summer me and the guys got talking and I explained how I had this amazing vocal and they had already asked me to collab on some stuff they had started so we stuck this in the pile too. We bounced ideas back and forth then got some studio time together in ibiza at Mambo’s Studio and just got everything thrashed out then.

We are really impressed with the production. Especially the emotional strings in the breakdown. Are those recorded live or did you use a software plugin?

Everything on the track was made with plug-ins.

The main riff/arpeggiated sequence really caught our ear. What synth did you use for this part and any additional processing?

We were switching between a manipulated version of the Italo preset on Sylenth and something Mike had on his (can’t remember what it was) and decided to settle with his. It just seemed a lot more suited to the track.

Could you share with us one of your a current production tips?

I’m loving running things through the sound toys plugins at the moment.

What piece of studio hardware or software plugin could you not live without, and why?

Right now I would have to say Omnisphere 2. The Spectrasonics guys have just updated it and some of the new sounds are insane.

What does the rest of the year have in store for you?

At the moment I am just continuing to write what I’m feeling that day in the studio. I have remixed a few tracks recently like a new Faithless one, an older Pryda record and one of my own along with some private edits of tracks like Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition and Adam Beyer’s - Your Mind so I will work on original stuff for the time being. Gig wise I have the 4 America shows I mentioned earlier then back and around the UK all the way through to Boxing Day then its back across to the states for New Year etc.

Thank you again for taking time to speak with us Cristoph. We wish you all the best with your upcoming shows. Speak soon, Neil & Ed (Audiotent). Click Here to listen and download: CamelPhat X Cristoph (Feat. Jem Cooke) - Breathe [caption id="attachment_23139" align="alignnone" width="1080"]Cristoph Cristoph[/caption]

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