“We founded Audiotent because we wanted to help electronic music producers succeed.”

Edvinas Strazdas, Neil Crockett, Co-Founders.


Our story began with a simple desire: to be inspired making music and become better producers. We were artists in search of exceptional quality tools. We needed one brand that we could go to for superior products and education. And when we couldn’t find what we were looking for - realising, we weren’t alone - the idea for Audiotent was born.


We believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise when it comes to the music production resources you use. You deserve the best products on the market, combined with the best service you have ever experienced. And most of all, you deserve to believe in the company that provides tools for your art. Why? Because we deeply believe in you.


If you are into country music, hip-hop, trap, future bass, rock or pop, Audiotent might not be the most exciting place for you. Nothing against those genres. However, we are a team of artists, djs and engineers, led by the culture of electronic club music. Genres like progressive house, techno and their variations is where we stand. That is the sound of Audiotent.


Analog, digital, software or hardware, we just love synthesizers! As a music producer yourself, you must know how it feels to be spending countless hours playing and tweaking a synth. When we find that perfect sound for the new track, the time seems to pause for a little.

Our passion for sound and synthesis is the foundation of Audiotent. From day one, we agreed, there will be no compromises made when engineering presets. Only the superior, most innovative and functional presets will make it into the final releases.


To achieve the highest standard of sound quality, we have built two, state of the art production studios. Containing an incredible selection of hardware synths, drum machines, equalisers, compressors and high resolution monitoring systems. On top of that, we added a selection of API, NEVE and SSL preamps to make sure the sound you receive will be the most accurate and detailed representation of the recording.


There is nothing more rewarding than learning your craft and becoming a better music producer. Every day, we put countless hours into developing educational content in the form of walkthrough blogs, informative posts and videos. Making sure you stay at the edge and keep improving your production skills at all times.

The Studio Feed series is no exception. What can be a better way to learn than seeing an established artist, explain their creative processes, directly from their studio.


We are building a community. A place you join as an individual, ‘me’, but where you become part of a greater ‘we’.

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There is no secret, that Audiotent is being supported by some of the most respected and talented artists around the world. Here is what some of them have to say:

Cosmic Boys

Cosmic Boys

Legend, Kuukou, Scander

"A unique quality of sounds and a universe in which we can project in any style of music. We like being able to free ourselves when we produce and Audiotent is one of the best tools for that."

OC & Verde

OC & Verde

Bedrock, Filth on Acid, Rukus

“Audiotent is always the go to place if we need some inspiration, the sounds they create for some of our favourite synths are an incredible starting point, especially the sounds they have produced for hardware like the Moog Sub 37 and the Nord Lead. Always looking to see what new sounds they are making!"



Anjunabeats, Mau5trap, Mood Of Mind

“I really like the Sub37 patches you made. They inspire me. Which I sometimes find hard with this synth. Also really like you kick samples, been using them in a few new tracks coming up.”

Lane 8

Lane 8

This Never Happened, Suara, Anjunadeep

“I really like the packs that I got from your site. The sub tools especially, I’ve used them a lot on my latest tracks, resampling and creating new basslines from them. So thanks for the great sounds! I think it’s really important to support folks like you who are making great sounds and making my job easier!”