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TORNADO // Techno Top Loops

Add energy and new found textures to your high end.

Tornado contains 107 no kick Techno top loop samples. Each sound carries its own unique identity. A fusion of analog drum machines and recorded ambience noise.

All the included samples are designed and processed to fit effortlessly into the mix. The pack is split into two BPMs. 49 loops recorded at 122 BPM and 58 at 124 BPM.

Explore the sound of Tornado.

Tornado // Techno Top Loops Demo 1

Tornado // Techno Top Loops Demo 2

Sample Previews

  • 006 AT Top Loop 122bpm

  • 011 AT Top Loop 122bpm

  • 033 AT Top Loop 122bpm

  • 038 AT Top Loop 122bpm

  • 042 AT Top Loop 122bpm

  • 051 AT Top Loop 124bpm

  • 063 AT Top Loop 124bpm

  • 072 AT Top Loop 124bpm

  • 081 AT Top Loop 124bpm

  • 093 AT Top Loop 124bpm

  • 096 AT Top Loop 124bpm

  • 098 AT Top Loop 124bpm

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