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PERCEPTION // Modular Percussion Loops

There is something magical the world of modular percussion brings to the table. The sense of depth and 3D soundstage it provides is like nothing else.

Perception has been created with a number of incredible sounding oscillators, analog filters, creative effects and sequencers all within the Eurorack modular format. Offering you true modular percussion loops and single hits to use inside your DAW.

Each loop originates from a new patch, utilising experimental sound design concepts such as feedback loops and creative effect modulation.

Make Perception your new go-to sample library when looking to add energy and groove to your next production.

Perception // Demo

Sample Previews

  • 005 AT Perc - Article C

  • 009 AT Perc - Resonate

  • 027 AT Perc - Voltage C

  • 033 AT Perc - Strimmer

  • 035 AT Perc - Miasma F#

  • 039 AT Perc - Insert d#m

  • 040 AT Perc - Trunk dm

  • 044 AT Perc - Feedback

  • 049 AT Perc - Carrier

  • 055 AT Perc - Experience

  • 058 AT Perc - Knock F#

  • 073 AT Perc - Scale

  • 089 AT Perc - Solid A

  • 105 AT Perc - Strike D#


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