Audiotent Motion

MOTION // Techno FX

Emphasise the transitions in your music.

Motion contains 107 FX samples. A broad selection of timbres ranging from glitched percussion, bass drones to crunchy noise textures.

All the included samples are designed and processed to fit effortlessly into the mix.

You can now add the final movement to your productions.

Motion // Techno FX Demo

Sample Previews

  • 006 AT Motion Bass FX – C

  • 023 AT Motion Glitch FX

  • 032 AT Motion Synth FX – F

  • 039 AT Motion Perc FX 120bpm

  • 050 AT Motion Misc FX

  • 053 AT Motion Misc FX

  • 061 AT Motion Monotron FX – E

  • 061 AT Motion Vinyl FX 120bpm

  • 072 AT Motion Crash FX

  • 074 AT Motion MS-20 Beat FX

  • 076 AT Motion MS-20 FX – G

  • 079 AT Motion MS-20 Synth FX

  • 084 AT Motion MS-20 FX

  • 099 AT Motion Space Echo FX

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