Audiotent Bird Shack

BIRD SHACK // Full Size Library

Samples designed for you.

Bird Shack is packed with inspirational loops that capture the deep & dirty house sound.

Featuring a gigantic library of over 400 sounds. Each and every sample has gone through our extremely strict quality control filter. This is to ensure only the best reaches our audience.

No fillers, just winners.

What’s Included?

Bass Loops

27 Deep, dirty bassline loops. Helping you create a solid low-end in your music.

Synth Loops

27 Melodic synth loops that assist you with kickstarting ideas. All labelled with key and BPM information.

Chord Pad Textures

27 Chord and pad textures deliver incredible depth, so you can push the boundaries.

Vocal Loops

27 Recorded, effected and chopped vocal loops. Containing maximum expression and detail.

FX Loops

27 Heavily modulated and powerful effects. Use the loops to create breathtaking transitions.

Percussion Loops

27 Signature percussion loops. Each containing a unique rhythm to feed your inspiration.

Drum Hits

All the drum hits you need to create your own masterpiece.
27 Key labelled kick drums
27 Hi-hats
27 Percussion
9 Claps
9 Snares
5 Fingersnaps
4 Rim shots
Totalling 108 drum hits.

Drum Loops

27 Unique and complete drum loops. Each loop is also broken down into it’s 5 core elements. Giving you full creative control over the groove.
That’s a massive 135 drum loops in total.

Full Pack Breakdown

27 x Bass Loops
27 x Synth Loops
27 x Pads & Textures
27 x Vocal Loops/Chops
27 x Percussion Loops
27 x FX
27 x Kicks drums
27 x Hats
27 x Percussion
9 x Claps
9 x Snares
5 x Fingersnaps
4 x Rim shots
135 x Drum Loops

Frequently Asked Questions

Inside the download you will receive 405 wav files.

27 x Bass Loops
27 x Synth Loops
27 x Pads & Textures
27 x Vocal Loops/Chops
135 x Drum Loops (27 Unique loops each split into 5. E.g. Full loop with kick, kick loop, loop no kick, hats and percussion)
27 x Percussion Loops
27 x FX
108 x Drum Hits (27 x Kicks, 9 x Claps, 9 x Snares, 5 x Fingersnaps, 4 x Rim shots, 27 x Hats, 27 x Percussion)

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