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A preset library that delivers character like no other. 57 up to the minute sounds for the Arturia Korg MS-20 V software instrument. Unlock the powerful sound of the MS-20.
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Patched & Tweaked. The MS-20 can appear simple in its design. Two oscillators, an LFO, a couple of envelopes and the two filters. However, the clever patchbay to the right of the opens this semi-modular synth up for some very creative sound design. In this preset library we have utilised this section to its full potential. Delivering the cutting-edge you come to expect.

All Areas Covered. Cyborg contains all the sounds you need for your next productions. Sub bass, bass, leads, keys, pads and sequences. They’re all waiting for you inside this library.

As with all of the products in our store, Cyborg is 100% royalty-free. That means you can use the presets, MIDIs and WAV loops in your commercially released productions without any further payment.


Preset Previews

05 AT SUB - Structure d#m

07 AT BASS - Grunge cm

11 AT BASS - Evil fm

15 AT BASS - Abyss d#m

17 AT BASS - Feedback cm

19 AT BASS - Graphic G

26 AT LEAD - Amplify f#m

30 AT LEAD - Variable d#m

33 AT LEAD - Inline fm

35 AT LEAD - Drill fm

36 AT KEY - Iceage d#m

38 AT KEY - Radioactive c#m

40 AT KEY - Taped gm

42 AT PAD - Headlight cm

43 AT PAD - Devices c#m

45 AT PAD - Waldorf d#m

49 AT SEQ - Chunk d#m

53 AT SEQ - Hypnotic gm

55 AT SEQ - Tracker g#m

56 AT SEQ - Klocked d#m

57 AT SEQ - Rezzer gm

Standard Edition

For producers that only want the presets

  • 57 Arturia MS-20 V Presets
Deluxe Edition

For producers that want presets & matching MIDI

  • 57 Arturia MS-20 V Presets
  • 57 Matching Melodic MIDI Files
  • 57 Matching Melodic Loop WAVs


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