Coda // Mini V3 Presets

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A collection of presets, samples, MIDIs and project files to celebrate the 200th Audiotent release. PLEASE NOTE: The presets do not work with the new Mini V4 

Coda - Choose your download: Coda // Standard Edition


To mark the 200th Audiotent release we had to create a collection like no other! It had to contain everything Audiotent is known for, and more. A plan that was faithfully carried out to the last detail. The result, a preset and sample library that contains every single sound you require to make an endless amount of tracks.


Choose the Ultimate Edition to download a fully comprehensive toolbox for music production. 107 Arturia Mini V presets, 17 additional Mini V arp presets, 107 matching melodic MIDI files, 107 melodic WAV loops, 102 vocal loops, 57 live percussion loops and 185 drum hits. Coda Ultimate also includes 7 bonus song-starter Ableton Live project files. These are the same exact project files used to create the main Coda demo. Look inside each kit and learn how each element was arranged, mixed and mastered.

Live session musicians and vocalists were brought on-board to make Coda the complete package. Delivering live percussion loops and vocal hooks that are ready to drag and drop into your arrangements.


Preset Previews

008 AT Coda Bass - Citrus 120 g#m

012 AT Coda Bass - Euphoria 120 gm

017 AT Coda Bass - Heavy 120 g#m

023 AT Coda Bass - Raspberry 120 cm

031 AT Coda Bass - Square 120 F#

041 AT Coda Lead - Acropolis 120 d#m

048 AT Coda Lead - Gloria 120 am

049 AT Coda Lead - Guard 120 fm

052 AT Coda Lead - Organizm 120 em

053 AT Coda Lead - Outlaw 120 fm

058 AT Coda Lead - Saturn 120 fm

062 AT Coda Lead - Surfer 120 fm

069 AT Coda Lead - Bubble 120 C

072 AT Coda Key - Duality 120 d#m

073 AT Coda Key - Dynasty 120 g#m

075 AT Coda Key - Juice 120 d#m

077 AT Coda Key - Lion 120 d#m

082 AT Coda Key - Planet 120 fm

091 AT Coda Pad - Broken 120 fm

103 AT Coda Pad - Ramping 120 gm

105 AT Coda Pad - Theatre 120 c#m

Standard Edition

For producers that just want the presets.

  • 107 Arturia Mini V3 Presets
Deluxe Edition

For producers that want presets & MIDI files.

  • 107 Arturia Mini V3 Presets
  • 107 x Matching MIDI Files
  • 107 x Key-labelled Melodic Wav Loops
Ultimate Edition

For producers that want full creative control.

  • 107 Arturia Mini V3 Presets
  • 107 x Matching MIDI Files
  • 107 x Key-labelled Melodic Wav Loops
  • 7 x Arturia Mini V Arp Presets
  • 102 x Vocal Loops
  • 57 x Live Percussion Loops
  • 37 x Percussion Samples
  • 37 x Kick Drum Samples
  • 37 x Hi-Hat Samples
  • 37 x Snare Samples
  • 37 x Clap Samples
  • 7 x Bonus Ableton Live Songstarter Project Files


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