107 EchoBoy presets

Plex was designed in pursuit of performance and usability. A large library of 107 individual delay presets, tailored for a multitude of instruments and applications.

Intuitive folder structure

Quickly access the right delay settings with an easy to navigate preset layout. Search by style or estimated delay length and audition in a flash.

Ultimate transformation

Soundtoys EchoBoy is capable of lo-fi textures, modulated delay tails and pitched sci-fi fx. Access the included 'FX' and 'Sequence' folders to see what the plugin is capable of.

“Selecting the right delay settings for your instruments has never been easier”


Before & After Previews

Hear the transformation for yourself.


What type of presets do you get inside the pack?

  • 7 x Short
  • 7 x Medium
  • 7 x Long
  • 7 x Ping-Pong
  • 7 x Lo-Fi
  • 7 x Dub
  • 17 x FX
  • 17 x Drums
  • 17 x Synths
  • 7 x Modulation
  • 7 x Sequence
  • Total of 107 delay presets

Please note: To use the presets you need to already own Soundtoys EchoBoy v5 or higher. Plugin not included.