Audiotent Haze

HAZE // u-he Hive Presets

u-he Hive was already a very powerful software synthesizer. However, after hearing about the inclusion of wavetables in version 1.2 we realised what power this would bring.

This new feature really opened up the sound design possibilities. Allowing us to create an extremely diverse preset bank, unlike no other.

Haze contains 107 custom designed u-he Hive presets. Each patch will fire up your imagination and inspire you to create new music.

Exclusive! Only available on

Haze // u-he Hive Presets Demo


Immerse yourself in three dimensional patches

  • Next Generation Sounds

    Be ahead of the game by owning state-of-the-art production tools.

  • Speed Up Your Workflow

    Countless hours of have already been spent crafting each sound. Giving you quick access to everything you need to create your next production.

  • Fast-Track Your Knowledge

    Analyse each individual patch and gain deeper insight to the vast sound design capabilities available.

  • Full Compatibility

    All 107 presets work perfectly with both versions of Hive.


Our engineers have reached deep into the extensive modulation routing possibilities.

Resulting in a seriously rich and unique palette of sounds.

Audiotent Hive presets


To use the presets you will need:

  • u-he Hive VST/AU v1.2 or higher

Preset Previews

Exact preset examples. No external processing applied. Preset preview MIDI files included.

  • 009 AT BASS – Subatomic cm

  • 018 AT BASS – Signature cm

  • 037 AT LEAD – Navy gm

  • 040 AT LEAD – Horizon cm

  • 047 AT LEAD – System cm

  • 048 AT LEAD – Modular d#m

  • 068 AT PAD – Crystallizer cm

  • 069 AT PAD – LoFi cm

  • 073 AT PLUCK – Parallels fm

  • 076 AT PLUCK – Taboo cm

  • 077 AT PLUCK – Groan cm

  • 087 AT PLUCK – Corrode d#m

  • 097 AT SEQ – Barbell d#m

  • 107 AT ARP – Math d#m


HAZE // u-he Hive Presets

Exclusive pack. Only available on

  • 107 u-he Hive Presets

  • 14 Melodic MIDI Files

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