FABRIC // Kick 2 Techno Presets

Genre-defining kick drums.

Fabric delivers 107 Sonic Academy Kick 2 presets and clicks, giving you total control over the key, length and shape.

Each kick drum has been designed for maximum power and punch.

Heavily processed top kicks for the signature Techno sound. Mix and match the 107 top kicks to create endless combinations and tones.

 Fabric // Kick 2 Techno Presets

Preview The Presets

  • 007 AT Fabric Techno Kick G

  • 008 AT Fabric Techno Kick F#

  • 034 AT Fabric Techno Kick G

  • 055 AT Fabric Techno Kick G

  • 061 AT Fabric Techno Kick F#

  • 064 AT Fabric Techno Kick E

  • 074 AT Fabric Techno Kick F

  • 091 AT Fabric Techno Kick G

  • 099 AT Fabric Techno Kick A

  • 102 AT Fabric Techno Kick G

What’s Included

  • Connector.

    107 x Kick 2 Presets

  • Connector.

    107 x Custom Click Samples

  • Connector.

    107 x Key-labelled Kick Drum Audio Samples

  • Connector.

    7 x Custom GUI Skins

Frequently Asked Questions

To use the presets you will require Sonic Academy Kick 2 v1.0.5 or higher.
We offer a 14-day no questions asked refund policy. If you’re not happy with your purchase email us and if we can’t make you happy, we’ll issue a refund to your Audiotent account right away.
You can pay for your purchase online with either your credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

Simply add to cart and follow the instructions at the checkout.

Custom GUI Skins

Fabric Wood Skin
Fabric Skins

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