Our best 3 ways to tame overly bright sounds

Our best 3 ways to tame overly bright sounds
#AudiotentTip 165. Taming Overly Bright Sounds.
Here are three effective techniques that will help tame those overly bright sounds:
1) Tape saturation. Tape equipment tends to have a high frequency roll-off, which can help smooth out the bright frequencies and make the processed signal warmer.
2) Low pass filter. A subtle filtering might be all you need to tame the brightest frequencies. Try adding a little resonance on the low pass filter and sweep down untilil the high energy is shifter lower.
3) Lo-fi plugins. Reducing the sample rate or simply adding some noise can help to hide the brightest frequencies. This could also work great after the low pass filtering to introduce the extra top end in a nice way.

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