Production Tips

Adding chorus to your bass for better basslines

Adding chorus to your bass for better basslines

#AudiotentTip 277. Bass Imaging.Keeping your bass in mono is vital if you want to achieve a solid mix. However, sometimes you might want a little extra width in your bass to fill out the panorama.S...

imagingCreating wide drum hits

Creating wide drum hits

‪#‎AudiotentTip‬ 221. Wide Drum Hits.There are a few little tricks to get your drum hits sounding wider. First, a classic technique is to delay one side of the channel (haas effect) to the other. T...

imagingStereo widener tool

Stereo widener tool

#AudiotentTip 179. Stereo Widener.One way to increase the width of a stereo signal is to use a widener processor. There are multiple tools for this task; Waves Audio Center, Brainworx Control v2 an...

imagingMixing wide vocals

Mixing wide vocals

Audiotent Tip 123. Wide Vocals. Here's how to create wide vocals from a single vocal stem.First take your mono vocal and duplicate the channel twice. Pan one hard left and one hard right.Next, dela...

chorusNarrow your FX

Narrow your FX

#AudiotentTip 65. Narrow your FX.Sometimes the FX such as reverb, delay, chorus don't need to be that wide. Narrow them to create more space for other instruments in the stereo field.