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How to create a never ending delay effect

How to create a never ending delay effect

‪#‎AudiotentTip‬ 219. Never Ending Delay.If your delay doesn't provide a never ending feedback, try out this simple alternative. Add a delay to your instrument, set the feedback to medium length. N...

effectHaas Effect Alterations

Haas Effect Alterations

#AudiotentTip 208. Haas Effect Alterations.When one side of the channel is delayed by a few milliseconds (Between 1 & 40ms) from the other, it creates a stereo widening effect. This can be very...

creativeCreative delay effect

Creative delay effect

#AudiotentTip 174. Creative Delay Effect.Add your favourite delay to a bus channel. Next, insert a pitchshifter (such as Waves Soundshifter) as a second plugin in the chain. Try pitching the delay ...

effectWhen to use a phaser effect

When to use a phaser effect

#AudiotentTip 149. Phaser Effect.One classic way to add movement to your sounds is to use a phaser. This usually works best when you choose a harmonically rich sound to begin with. A great example ...