Our top 4 ways to improve your kick definition

Our top 4 ways to improve your kick definition
#AudiotentTip 133. Kick Definition.
There are a few frequency areas that could help improve your kick, if you treat them right.
1) Sub (around 30-70 Hz) - a small boost here could add some pure weight to an otherwise light kick. However, excess amount in the sub range could easily make your kick boomy and too cluttered.
2) Punch (around 80-150 Hz) - boost here to make your kick drum punchier and give it some ‘knock’ for smaller speakers.
3) Warmth (around 150-300 Hz) - a small dip here can help carve space for the snare drum and increase definition.
4) Click (around 2-6 kHz) - depending on what sound you are after, boosting somewhere in this area helps to add more click to your kick drum. It also helps to make it cut through on a smaller speakers.

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