multiband compression

OTT Multiband Compression

OTT Multiband Compression

Audiotent Tip 353. OTT Multiband Compression.

If you’re a fan of aggressive multiband compression you should definitely check out OTT from Xfer Records.
It’s a free plugin that is based on the famous Ableton Multiband Compressor preset. It can be used on anything from bass to leads and drums to percussion.
Simply add the plugin onto your channel then tweak the depth, upwards and downwards parameters to taste.
For further control over your sound, use the dials to the right-hand side of the plugin to alter the balance of High, Mid and Low frequencies. 
Moving the orange/green bars next to the High, Mid and Low dials allows you to control the threshold for each band. Orange (Upwards) & Green (Downwards) compression. 
Ott Xfer Records
Bonus tip: Place the OTT plugin after your reverb to help expand the reverb and glue it to your sound.
Any questions drop them in the comments below.

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