How to use a De-Esser

How to use a De-Esser
#AudiotentTip 82. DeEsser.
If your sound has excessive frequencies between 2-10 kHz a De-Esser might just be the tool to help tame the sibilance.
A De-Esser is essentially a dynamic processor which works on your chosen frequency band. First you have to find the problematic area in the spectrum, once that is set, lower your threshold down until the ‘esses’ are sufficiently attenuated.
De-essing is best used with caution as if applied too heavily it can very easily start to sound artificial and over compressed.
Don't just use this on vocals, try it on your FX bus, Lead synths and foley sounds.
One of the favourite tools for the job is the FabFilter Pro-DS. What's your favourite De-Esser?

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