Drum Fill Processing

Drum Fill Processing

Audiotent Tip 372. Drum Fill Processing.

Drum fills can be a great way to add some excitement when transitioning from one section of the track to the other.
Here are 3 techniques to make your drum fills more interesting:
1) Reverb automation. Try applying the reverb to only select few drum hits of the fill. Gated reverbs tend to work well for the task. This will increase the variation and sense of space to your drum fill.
2) Reverse. Take any longer sound sample (doesn't even have to be from the drum fill) such as synth shot or a large snare drum. Next, reverse the sample. Finally, position the sample in such a way that it gradually reverses into the drum fill. This can create a dramatic contrast to an otherwise predictable drum fill.
3) Distortion. Automate distortion for it to increase by the end of the fill. It will create an impression of drums being hit harder and harder towards the transitioning part.

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